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  • Serving the Community since 1981

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Welcome to Marlon M. Roefe
Helping Individuals & Businesses for 40 Years.

I'm a sole practitioner. That means this is my law practice. I am responsible for the service provided to my clients. I’ve been in practice since 1981. That enthusiasm to provide the best service for my clients I had when called to the bar on that fateful day in April of 1981, has matured and developed to profound core value of my practice. The matters you have entrusted to me are serious matters and I provide my clients with my best service, counsel and advocacy, always.

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Marlon M. Roefe
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Count on over 40 years of direct legal experience in many types of legal services including litigation, collections & creditor’s remedies, Business & Contract Disputes, Tribunals and more. Learn more about each of Marlon’s legal service by clicking on the link to the right.
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I'm a sole practitioner located in Burlington.

Solutions that Work.

That means this is my law practice.
There are no partners or associates.
I am responsible for the service provided to my clients.

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